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Urban Forestry Services

Management of trees in parks, greenbelts, and on streets present special challenges due to encroachments of people and pressure of construction that creates fragmented stands of trees. WFCI's background of management of stands of trees in the forest environment helps us design and manage tree stands that will thrive in the varying spaces of the urban greenbelts and parks environment. Proper tree selection and design of the space for street trees is the most important aspect of street tree management. Our years of experience help cities to avoid planting problems that make not be apparent for several years.

Key Urban Forestry Services:

  • • Tree Protection Planning for New Development
  • • Tree Evaluation and Appraisal
  • • Hazard Tree Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • • Street and Parks Tree Inventory
  • • Urban Forest and Park Management Plans
  • • Comprehensive Street Tree Plans
  • • View and Slope Tree Management
  • • Custom Electronic Data Collection Applications
  • • Ordinance Development