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Utility Projects

Northwestern Energy Company - Inventory and analysis of the tree and vegetation management workload on 2,400 miles of their 5,000 mile transmission system. Prepared a management plan the with budget forecast and specifications to maintain compliance with the current NERC-FERC regulations.

Eugene Water and Electric Board - Audit of their distribution and transmission system to help improve customer service, cost of doing work, reliability and safety on their system.

California Public Utility Commission - WFCI served as a sub consultant to Jacobs Consultancy on this project to audit the Pacific Gas and Electric Company $152 million/year vegetation management program. This was a 3 year project on which WFCI worked with ArborGlobal LLC and BioCompliance LLC to perform the comprehensive audit of the entire vegetation management program.

Northwestern Energy - Performed an inventory and analysis of the entire 13,000 mile distribution system and prepared a management plan to help NWE dig out from years of a deferred maintenance program.

PacifiCorp - Completed an audit of the Oregon distribution system to help PacifiCorp determine the financial impacts of pending regulations on mandatory clearances for climbable trees.

Other Utilities - Completed vegetation inventories and management plans for the Chelan PUD, Benton PUD, Kootenai Electric Cooperative, Clallam PUD, and Springfield MUD to help modernize their vegetation management practices and secure adequate funding to reduce tree caused outages and improve safety on their systems.

Avista Utilities - Prepared herbicide guidelines and provided training to contract and in-house personnel. Provided contract forester to assist in transmission vegetation management program and assessments to facilitate NERC-FERC reporting.

Idaho Power - Provide contract utility foresters and have assisted staff foresters in making improvements to what is an excellent vegetation management program.

Montana Electric Cooperation Association – Conducted training on a variety of utility IVM subjects.

Powerlines and Fires - Investigation of numerous power line caused fires in Southern California, Idaho, Washington, and Colorado.

Urban Forestry

City of Lacey - Prepared a canopy inventory and a new urban forest management plan for the City of Lacey, and have served as their contract forester since 1991.

City of Tumwater - Street tree assessment and comprehensive street tree plan for the City of Tumwater.

City of Seattle - Completed an assessment of all trees in Occidental Park in the City of Seattle.

City of Lacey - Conducted an inventory and assessment of all street trees and parks trees in the City of Lacey.

Port Orchard and Kitsap County - Prepared parks forest management plans for all parks in the City of Pt. Orchard, along with 5 surrounding Kitsap County parks.

Private and Public Development Projects – Prepared over 950 tree protection plans for residential, commercial, or industrial projects.

City of Ellensburg - Conducted a hazard tree analysis for all street and parks trees in the City of Ellensburg, and prepared management plans for all parks.

Washington State Parks - Hazard tree assessment in numerous parks for the Washington State park system.

Mt. Rainier National Park - Completed assessments for tree protection during construction and repair of historic buildings in Mt. Rainier National Park.


Puget Sound Energy - Inventory and management plans for the White River and Electron forest lands. Ongoing management assistance with slide issues on the Electron flume.

Jess Thomsen, Inc. - Inventory, timber harvest permit preparation, sale layout, and management of their 2,300 acre forest land holdings.

Merill and Ring – Provided timber-side layout and management assistance for numerous timber sales.

Rainier Timber – Prepared and managed timber sales.

Numerous timber appraisals and feasibility studies for forest land purchase for a variety of clients.

Timber marketing assistance for dozens of small landowner clients.

Forest management plans for dozens of new forest landowners